Configure Amazon CloudWatch logging - AWS Storage Gateway

Configure Amazon CloudWatch logging

To notify you about the health of your file gateway and its resources in AWS Storage Gateway, you can configure an Amazon CloudWatch log group. For more information, see Getting file gateway health logs with CloudWatch log groups.

New console

To configure a CloudWatch log group for your file gateway

  1. For Configure logging - optional, choose one of the following:

    • Disable logging if you don't want to monitor your gateway using CloudWatch log groups.

    • Create a new log group to create a new CloudWatch log group.

    • Use an existing log group to use a CloudWatch log group that already exists.

      Choose a log group from the Existing log group list.

  2. Choose Save and continue to save your configuration settings.

Original console

To configure a CloudWatch log group for your file gateway

  1. In the Gateway Log Group wizard, choose the Create new Log Group link to create a new log group. You are directed to the CloudWatch console to create one. If you already have a CloudWatch log group that you want to use to monitor your gateway, choose that group for Gateway Log Group.

  2. If you create a new log group, choose the refresh button to view the new log group in the list.

  3. If your gateway is deployed on a VMware host that is enabled for VMware High Availability (HA) cluster, you're prompted to verify and test the VMware HA configuration. In this case, choose Verify VMware HA. Otherwise, choose Save and Continue.