Creating a file share - AWS Storage Gateway

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Creating a file share

In this section, you can find instructions on how to create a file share that can be accessed using the Network File System (NFS) or the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

When you create an NFS share, anyone who has access to the NFS server can access the NFS file share by default. You can limit access to clients by IP address.

When you create an SMB file share, you can use one of three modes of authentication:

  • A file share with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) access. Any authenticated Microsoft AD user gets access to this file share type.

  • An SMB file share with limited access. Only certain domain users and groups that you specify are allowed access (through an allow list). Users and groups can also be denied access (through a deny list).

  • An SMB file share with guest access. Any user who can provide the guest password has access to this file share.


    File shares that are exported through the gateway for NFS file shares support POSIX permissions. For SMB file shares, you can use access control lists (ACLs) to manage permissions on files and folders in your file share. For more information, see Using Windows ACLs to limit SMB file share access.

A File Gateway can host one or more file shares of different types. You can have multiple NFS and SMB file shares on a File Gateway.


To create a file share, a File Gateway requires you to activate AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS). If AWS STS isn't activated in the AWS Region where you create your File Gateway, activate it. For information about how to activate AWS STS, see Activating and deactivating AWS Security Token Service in an AWS Region in the AWS Identity and Access Management User Guide.