Sample Data Bundles - Amazon FinSpace

Sample Data Bundles

Once your FinSpace environment and superuser is created, you can install the Capital Markets sample data bundle to start evaluating FinSpace. The Capital Markets Sample data bundle includes sample datasets that contain trades and quotes data, example categories and controlled vocabularies. The sample datasets can also be used with the provided example notebooks. Please expect 45-60 minutes for the sample data bundle to be installed.


A Superuser is required to install the sample data bundle.

To install the sample data bundle

  1. Sign in to your AWS account in which the FinSpace environment was created and open FinSpace from the AWS management console. It is located under Analytics, and you can find it by searching for FinSpace.

  2. Select the environment to install the sample data bundle.

  3. Under the Sample data bundles section, choose Add Data Bundle.

               sample data bundle