Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose API Reference
API Reference (API Version 2015-08-04)


Describes the configuration of a destination in Splunk.



The Amazon CloudWatch logging options for your delivery stream.

Type: CloudWatchLoggingOptions object

Required: No


The amount of time that Kinesis Data Firehose waits to receive an acknowledgment from Splunk after it sends it data. At the end of the timeout period, Kinesis Data Firehose either tries to send the data again or considers it an error, based on your retry settings.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 180. Maximum value of 600.

Required: No


The HTTP Event Collector (HEC) endpoint to which Kinesis Data Firehose sends your data.

Type: String

Required: Yes


This type can be either "Raw" or "Event."

Type: String

Valid Values: Raw | Event

Required: Yes


This is a GUID that you obtain from your Splunk cluster when you create a new HEC endpoint.

Type: String

Required: Yes


The data processing configuration.

Type: ProcessingConfiguration object

Required: No


The retry behavior in case Kinesis Data Firehose is unable to deliver data to Splunk, or if it doesn't receive an acknowledgment of receipt from Splunk.

Type: SplunkRetryOptions object

Required: No


Defines how documents should be delivered to Amazon S3. When set to FailedDocumentsOnly, Kinesis Data Firehose writes any data that could not be indexed to the configured Amazon S3 destination. When set to AllDocuments, Kinesis Data Firehose delivers all incoming records to Amazon S3, and also writes failed documents to Amazon S3. Default value is FailedDocumentsOnly.

Type: String

Valid Values: FailedEventsOnly | AllEvents

Required: No


The configuration for the backup Amazon S3 location.

Type: S3DestinationConfiguration object

Required: Yes

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