Retraining Predictors - Amazon Forecast

Retraining Predictors


Retraining is only available for predictors created with AutoPredictor (CreateAutoPredictor). You can upgrade existing legacy predictors to AutoPredictor. See Upgrading to AutoPredictor.

Predictors can be retained with updated datasets to keep your predictors up to date. When retraining a predictor, Amazon Forecast maintains the same predictor configuration settings. After retraining, the original predictor will remain active and the retrained predictor will have a separate Predictor ARN.

Retraining a predictor can improve forecasting accuracy in two ways:

  1. More current data: Your retrained predictor will incorporate more up-to-date data when training a model.

  2. Predictor improvements: Your retrained predictor will incorporate any updates and improvements in the Amazon Forecast algorithms and additional datasets.

Retraining a predictor can be up to 50% faster than creating a new predictor from scratch. Predictor training times are faster and Forecast automatically uses your existing configuration settings.

Python notebooks

For a step-by-step guide on retraining predictors, see Retraining a predictor.

You can retrain a predictor using the Software Development Kit (SDK) or the Amazon Forecast console.


To retrain a predictor

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Forecast console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Predictors.

  3. Choose the predictor to retrain.

  4. In the Predictor actions drop-down, choose Retrain.

  5. Set a unique name for the upgraded predictor.

  6. Choose Retrain predictor.


To retrain a predictor

Using the CreateAutoPredictor operation, assign the predictor a unique name and set the value of ReferencePredictorArn to the predictor you wish to retrain.

{ "PredictorName": "RetrainedPredictor", "ReferencePredictorArn": "arn:aws:forecast:us-west-2:938097332257:predictor/OriginalPredictor" }

When retraining a predictor, assign values to only the PredictorName and ReferencePredictorArn parameters.