Create an outcome - Amazon Fraud Detector

Create an outcome

An outcome is the result of a fraud prediction. Create an outcome for each possible fraud prediction result. For example, you may want outcomes to represent risk levels (high_risk, medium_risk, and low_risk) or actions (approve, review). Once created, you can add one or more outcomes to a rule. As part of the GetEventPrediction response, Amazon Fraud Detector will return the defined outcomes for any matched rule.

To create a outcome using the AWS Console, open the AWS Console and sign in to your account. Navigate to Amazon Fraud Detector and in the left navigation pane, choose Outcomes, then choose Create.

Create an outcome using the AWS SDK for Python (Boto3)

The following example shows requests for the CreateOutcome API. The example creates three outcomes, verify_customer, review, and approve. You can then assign these outcomes to rules.

import boto3 fraudDetector = boto3.client('frauddetector') fraudDetector.put_outcome( name = 'verify_customer', description = 'this outcome initiates a verification workflow' ) fraudDetector.put_outcome( name = 'review', description = 'this outcome sidelines event for review' ) fraudDetector.put_outcome( name = 'approve', description = 'this outcome approves the event' )