Delete resources - Amazon Fraud Detector

Delete resources

This section provides information about deleting resources.

When you delete a resource, Amazon Fraud Detector permanently deletes that resource and the data is no longer stored in Amazon Fraud Detector.

Some delete operations require you to first delete associated resources. For example, prior to deleting a model, you must first delete the model versions. See the following table for additional details.

If you want to delete this resource You must delete this first Notes


All associated detector versions and rules

Detector version

You can only delete detector versions that are in DRAFT or INACTIVE status.


All associated model versions

Model version

Associated detector version

You can only delete model versions that are in Ready to deploy status. To change a model version from Active to Ready to deploy status, undeploy the model version after removing it from any detector version.

Amazon SageMaker model

Deleting an imported SageMaker model from Amazon Fraud Detector does not delete the model’s endpoint within SageMaker.

Model output variable

Amazon Fraud Detector will automatically delete model output variables when you delete the model.

SageMaker output variable

Associated SageMaker model

Event type

Associated detector or model, as well as any stored events

Event variable

Associated event type

Entity type

Associated event type


Associated event type

Rule version

Associated detector version


Associated rule version


Amazon Fraud Detector deletes all event data associated with the event, including any event data sent to SendEvent operation and any prediction data generated through GetEventPrediction operation.