Viewing metrics of stored event dataset - Amazon Fraud Detector

Viewing metrics of stored event dataset

For each event type, you can view metrics such as, number of stored events, total size of your stored events, and timestamps of the earliest and the latest stored events, in the Amazon Fraud Detector console.

To view stored event metrics of an event type,

  1. Open the AWS Console and sign in to your account. Navigate to Amazon Fraud Detector.

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Events.

  3. Choose your event type.

  4. Select Stored events tab.

  5. The Stored events details pane displays the metrics. These metrics are automatically updated once per day.

  6. Optionally click Refresh event metrics to manually update your metrics.


    If you have just imported your data, we recommend waiting 5 - 10 minutes after you have finished importing data to refresh and view metrics.