Amazon FreeRTOS
Porting Guide

Setting Up the Echo Server (Without TLS)

An unsecured echo server is defined in <amazon-freertos>/tools/echo_server/echo_server.go. Follow these instructions to set up and run the echo server.


To run the echo server, you need the latest version of Go. You can download the latest version from

Setting Up the Server

  1. Copy <amazon-freertos>/tools/echo_server/echo_server.go to a directory of your choice (for example, <echo_dir>).

  2. Run the following command from the <echo_dir> directory to start the server:

    go run echo_server.go

    The server listens on port 9001 by default. To change this port, open echo_server.go, and redefine the sUnSecureEchoPort string to the port number that you want.