Amazon FreeRTOS
Porting Guide

Downloading Amazon FreeRTOS for Porting

Before you begin porting Amazon FreeRTOS to your platform, you need to download Amazon FreeRTOS or clone the Amazon FreeRTOS repository from GitHub.


We recommend that you clone the repository. Cloning makes it easier for you to pick up updates to the master branch as they are pushed to the repository.

To download Amazon FreeRTOS from GitHub

  1. Navigate to the amazon-freertos GitHub repository.

  2. Click on Branch: master, switch the checkout mode from Branches to Tags, and choose the newest release tag.

  3. With the latest version checked out, click on Clone or download, and then choose Download ZIP to download the Amazon FreeRTOS version as a ZIP file.

To clone the Amazon FreeRTOS repository

  1. If you have not already done so, install git on your machine.


    In these instructions, we use the git command-line interface. You can also use a git client of your choice.

  2. Navigate to the amazon-freertos GitHub repository.

  3. Click on Clone or download, and then copy the URL listed beneath Clone with HTTPS.

  4. Open a terminal or command line window, and change directories to a location where you want to keep your local copy of the Amazon FreeRTOS repository's files.

  5. Issue the following command to clone the repository to your current directory:

    git clone
  6. Change directories to the amazon-freertos folder, and checkout the latest version:

    cd amazon-freertos
    git checkout version

After you download or clone Amazon FreeRTOS, you can start porting Amazon FreeRTOS code to your platform. For instructions, see Setting Up Your Amazon FreeRTOS Source Code for Porting, and then see Porting the Amazon FreeRTOS Libraries.


Throughout Amazon FreeRTOS documentation, the Amazon FreeRTOS download is referred to as <amazon-freertos>.