Amazon FreeRTOS
Porting Guide

Setting Up Your Amazon FreeRTOS Source Code for Testing

Amazon FreeRTOS includes tests for each ported library. The aws_test_runner.c file defines a RunTests function that runs each test that you have specified in the aws_test_runner_config.h header file. As you port each Amazon FreeRTOS library, you can test the ports by building the ported Amazon FreeRTOS source code, flashing the compiled code to your board, and running it on the board.

To build the Amazon FreeRTOS source code for testing, you can use either of the following:

  • A supported IDE.

    If you are using an IDE to build Amazon FreeRTOS source code, you need to set up an IDE test project. Follow the instructions in Creating an IDE Project to create a test project in your IDE. Each library-specific porting section under Porting the Amazon FreeRTOS Libraries includes additional instructions for setting up a library's ported source files in the IDE test project.

  • The CMake build system.

    If you are using CMake, you need to create a CMakeLists.txt CMake list file. Follow the instructions in Creating a CMake List File to create a CMakeLists.txt CMake list file.


    A CMakeLists.txt file is required for listing a qualified device on the Amazon FreeRTOS console, regardless of the testing method that you use.

After you build the code, use your platform's flash utility to flash the compiled code to your device.


You specify your build and flash tools in the userdata.json file for Device Tester, so if you are validating your ports with Device Tester, you do not need to flash your code manually.