Amazon FreeRTOS
Qualification Guide

Creating a CMakeLists.txt File for Your Platform

A CMakeLists.txt file is used to list your device on the Amazon FreeRTOS console, and it makes it possible for developers to build Amazon FreeRTOS code for the device without an IDE.


A CMake list file is not required to qualify a board through the AWS Device Qualification Program. The file is only required for listing devices on the Amazon FreeRTOS Console.

For more information about the CMake build system, see

Follow the instructions in Creating a List File for Your Platform from the CMakeLists.txt Template to create a CMake list file from the template provided with Amazon FreeRTOS.


Before you submit your CMake list file, you must verify that you can use the file to build the Amazon FreeRTOS test project and the Hello World demo project with CMake.

For instructions, see Building Amazon FreeRTOS with CMake.