Amazon FreeRTOS
Qualification Guide

Hardware Information for Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification

Submit the following information, along with the other items required for qualification:

Company Information

  • Full company name.

  • Abbreviated company name (if applicable), for the Amazon FreeRTOS console.

  • High resolution company logo.

  • Brief description of your company.

  • URL of your company's landing page.

Board Information

  • Full board name.

  • Abbreviated board name, for the Amazon FreeRTOS console (under 20 characters).

  • High resolution board image.

  • Brief description of board.

  • URL of board's landing page.

  • Brief description of board, for the Amazon FreeRTOS console (under 50 characters).

  • Microcontroller family name.

  • Board datasheet.

  • Compiler options, for optimization.

  • Supported IDE, with latest supported version number.

  • CLI command to build target executables.

  • CLI command to flash target.

  • URL to the purchase page.