Amazon FreeRTOS
Qualification Guide

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Qualifying Your Device

To qualify your device for Amazon FreeRTOS

  1. Port the Amazon FreeRTOS libraries to your device.


    Currently, ports of the Amazon FreeRTOS OTA and Bluetooth Low Energy libraries are not required for qualification.

    If your device does not support Wi-Fi, you can use an ethernet connection to connect to the AWS Cloud instead. A port of the Amazon FreeRTOS Wi-Fi library is not necessarily required.

    For instructions on porting Amazon FreeRTOS to your device, see the Amazon FreeRTOS Porting Guide.

  2. Validate your ports with AWS IoT Device Tester for Amazon FreeRTOS.

    When using Device Tester to validate your ports for qualification, you must specify information in the features attribute of the device.json configuration file about the following ports:

    • TCP/IP

      { "name": "TCP/IP", "value": "On-chip | Offloaded | No" }
    • TLS

      { "name": "TLS", "value": "On-chip | Offloaded | No" }
    • Wi-Fi

      { "name": "WIFI", "value": "Yes | No" }
    • OTA

      { "name": "OTA", "value": "Yes | No" }

    Device Tester uses this information to determine which tests to run against your ported Amazon FreeRTOS code. Device Tester runs all other required library port tests by default.

    For information about AWS IoT Device Tester for Amazon FreeRTOS, see Using AWS IoT Device Tester for Amazon FreeRTOS in the Amazon FreeRTOS User Guide.

  3. Create the following for qualification submission:

    These items are required for your device to be listed on the Amazon FreeRTOS console, for your device's code to be on GitHub, and for your device to receive Getting Started documentation support.

  4. Verify that you have all that you need to submit your board for qualification with the Amazon FreeRTOS qualification check script.

    For more information about running the qualification check script, see Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification Check Script.

  5. Submit your qualified board for listing in the AWS Partner Device Catalog through the Device Listing Portal on APN Partner Central. All submissions require an AWS IoT Device Tester test result file that indicates that you passed all mandatory test cases. You must be a registered APN Partner to submit your board for listing.

You can use the Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification Checklist to keep track of the list of required steps for qualification.