Amazon FreeRTOS
Qualification Guide

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Configuring the Amazon FreeRTOS Download for Demos

Under the download's root directory (<amazon-freertos>), the vendors folder is structured as follows:

vendors + - <vendor> (Template, to be renamed to the name of the MCU vendor) + - boards |   + - <board> (Template, to be renamed to the name of the development board) |   + - aws_demos |   + - aws_tests |   + - CMakeLists.txt |   + - ports + - <driver_library> (Template, to be renamed to the library name)    + - <driver_library_version> (Template, to be renamed to the library version)

The <vendor> and <board> folders are template folders that we provide to make it easier to create demo and test projects. Their directory structure ensures that all demo and test projects have a consistent organization.

The aws_demos folder has the following structure:

vendors/<vendor>/boards/<board>/aws_demos + - application_code (Contains main.c, which contains main()) | + - <vendor>_code (Contains vendor-supplied, board-specific files) | + - main.c (Contains main()) + - config_files (Contains Amazon FreeRTOS config files)

To configure the demo project files

Copy main.c and main.h files for the demo application to the application_code folder. You can reuse the main.c from the aws_tests project that you used to test your ports.

  1. Save any required vendor-supplied, board-specific libraries to the <vendor>_code folder.


    Do not save vendor-supplied libraries that are common across a target board's MCU family to any subdirectories of aws_tests or aws_demos.

  2. Replace <vendor> in the <vendor>_code folder with the name of the vendor.

  3. Rename the <board> folder to the name of the development board.

After you configure the demo project files, you can create the project in the IDE. For instructions, see Creating the Demo Project.

If you are creating a CMake listfile, make sure that you provide a CMakelist entry for the demo project.