Amazon FreeRTOS
User Guide

Developing Amazon FreeRTOS Applications with Third-Party Code Editors and Debugging Tools

You can use a code editor and a debugging extension or a third-party debugging tool to develop applications for Amazon FreeRTOS.

If, for example, you use Visual Studio Code as your code editor, you can install the Cortex-Debug VS Code extension as a debugger. When you finish developing your application, you can invoke the CMake command-line tool to build your project from within VS Code. For more information about using CMake to build Amazon FreeRTOS applications, see Building Amazon FreeRTOS with CMake.

For debugging, you can provide a VS Code with debug configuration similar to the following:

"configurations": [ { "name": "Cortex Debug", "cwd": "${workspaceRoot}", "executable": "./build/st/stm32l475_discovery/aws_demos.elf", "request": "launch", "type": "cortex-debug", "servertype": "stutil" } ]