Amazon FreeRTOS
User Guide

Uploading Updated Firmware

The Amazon FreeRTOS OTA Update service loads your updated firmware from an Amazon S3 bucket.

To upload your firmware image to an Amazon S3 bucket

  1. Go to the Amazon S3 console at

  2. In Search for buckets, type your bucket name, and then choose it from the list. If you haven't created a bucket, see Create an Amazon S3 Bucket to Store a Firmware Image.

  3. Choose Upload.

  4. Choose Add files, choose the firmware image you want to upload. In this case, choose demos\microchip\curiosity_pic32mzef\mplab\dist\pic32mz_ef_curiosity\production\mplab.production.bin and then choose Next.

  5. Choose Next, and then choose Next again.

  6. Choose Upload.