Amazon FreeRTOS
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Amazon FreeRTOS provides a thread-safe logging task that can be used by calling the configPRINTF function. configPRINTF is designed to behave like printf. To port configPRINTF, initialize your communications peripheral, and define the configPRINT_STRING macro so that it takes an input string and displays it on your preferred output.

Logging Configuration

configPRINT_STRING should be defined for your board’s implementation of logging. Current examples use a UART serial terminal, but other interfaces can also be used.

#define configPRINT_STRING( x )

Use configLOGGING_MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH to set the maximum number of bytes to be printed. Messages longer than this length are truncated.


When configLOGGING_INCLUDE_TIME_AND_TASK_NAME is set to 1, all printed messages are prepended with additional debug information (the message number, FreeRTOS tick count, and task name).


vLoggingPrintf is the name of the FreeRTOS thread-safe printf call. You do not need to change this value to use AmazonFreeRTOS logging.

#define configPRINTF( X ) vLoggingPrintf X

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