Amazon FreeRTOS
User Guide

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Running the Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification Suite

You use the IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS executable to interact with IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS. The following command line shows you how to run the qualification tests for a device pool (a set of identical devices).

devicetester_[linux | mac | win] run-suite --suite-id <suite-id> --pool-id <your-device-pool> --userdata <userdata.json>

The userdata.json file should be located in the <devicetester_extract_location> /devicetester_afreertos_[win|mac|linux]/configs/ directory.


If you are running IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS on Windows, use forward slashes (/) to specify the path to the userdata.json file.

Use the following command to run a specific test group:

devicetester_[linux | mac | win] run-suite --suite-id AFQ_1 --group-id <group-id> --pool-id <pool-id> --userdata <userdata.json>

suite-id and pool-id are optional if you are running a single test suite on a single device pool (that is, you have only one device pool defined in your device.json file).

IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS command line options


Optional. Specifies the test suite to run.


Specifies the device pool to test. If you only have one device pool, you can omit this option.

IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS Commands

The IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS command supports the following operations:


Lists information about the specified command.


Lists the groups in a given suite.


Lists the available suites.


Runs a suite of tests on a pool of devices.