OntapVolumeConfiguration - Amazon FSx


The configuration of an Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP volume.



Specifies the FlexCache endpoint type of the volume. Valid values are the following:

  • NONE specifies that the volume doesn't have a FlexCache configuration. NONE is the default.

  • ORIGIN specifies that the volume is the origin volume for a FlexCache volume.

  • CACHE specifies that the volume is a FlexCache volume.

Type: String

Valid Values: NONE | ORIGIN | CACHE

Required: No


Specifies the directory that network-attached storage (NAS) clients use to mount the volume, along with the storage virtual machine (SVM) Domain Name System (DNS) name or IP address. You can create a JunctionPath directly below a parent volume junction or on a directory within a volume. A JunctionPath for a volume named vol3 might be /vol1/vol2/vol3, or /vol1/dir2/vol3, or even /dir1/dir2/vol3.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 255.

Pattern: ^[^\u0000\u0085\u2028\u2029\r\n]{1,255}$

Required: No


Specifies the type of volume. Valid values are the following:

  • RW specifies a read/write volume. RW is the default.

  • DP specifies a data-protection volume. You can protect data by replicating it to data-protection mirror copies. If a disaster occurs, you can use these data-protection mirror copies to recover data.

  • LS specifies a load-sharing mirror volume. A load-sharing mirror reduces the network traffic to a FlexVol volume by providing additional read-only access to clients.

Type: String

Valid Values: RW | DP | LS

Required: No


The security style for the volume, which can be UNIX, NTFS, or MIXED.

Type: String

Valid Values: UNIX | NTFS | MIXED

Required: No


The configured size of the volume, in megabytes (MBs).

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0. Maximum value of 2147483647.

Required: No


The volume's storage efficiency setting.

Type: Boolean

Required: No


The ID of the volume's storage virtual machine.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Fixed length of 21.

Pattern: ^(svm-[0-9a-f]{17,})$

Required: No


A Boolean flag indicating whether this volume is the root volume for its storage virtual machine (SVM). Only one volume on an SVM can be the root volume. This value defaults to false. If this value is true, then this is the SVM root volume.

This flag is useful when you're deleting an SVM, because you must first delete all non-root volumes. This flag, when set to false, helps you identify which volumes to delete before you can delete the SVM.

Type: Boolean

Required: No


The volume's TieringPolicy setting.

Type: TieringPolicy object

Required: No


The volume's universally unique identifier (UUID).

Type: String

Length Constraints: Maximum length of 36.

Pattern: ^[^\u0000\u0085\u2028\u2029\r\n]{1,36}$

Required: No

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