Working with Task Completion Reports - Amazon FSx for Lustre

Working with Task Completion Reports

A task completion report provides details about the results of a data repository task. The report includes results for the files processed by the task that match the scope of the report. Currently, the only available scope is FAILED_FILES_ONLY.

Amazon FSx delivers the report to the file system's linked data repository in Amazon S3, using the path that you specify when you enable the report for a task. The path must be located within the file system's export path, chosen when the file system was created. You can specify whether to generate a report for a task by using the Enabled parameter.

The report format is a comma-separated value (CSV) file that has three fields: FilePath, FileStatus, and ErrorCode.

Reports are encoded using RFC-4180-format encoding as follows:

  • Paths starting with any of the following characters are contained in single quotation marks: @ + - =

  • Strings that contain at least one of the following characters are contained in double quotation marks: " ,

  • All double quotation marks are escaped with an additional double quotation mark.

Following are a few examples of the report encoding:

  • @filename.txt becomes """@filename.txt"""

  • +filename.txt becomes """+filename.txt"""

  • file,name.txt becomes "file,name.txt"

  • file"name.txt becomes "file""name.txt"

For more information about RFC-4180 encoding, see RFC-4180 - Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files on the IETF website.

The following is an example of the information provided in a task completion report that includes only failed files.

myRestrictedFile,failed,S3AccessDenied dir1/myLargeFile,failed,FileSizeTooLarge dir2/anotherLargeFile,failed,FileSizeTooLarge

For more information about task failures and how to resolve them, see Troubleshooting Failed Data Repository Tasks.

To learn how to enable a task completion report when creating a data repository task, see Creating a Data Repository Task.