Working with task completion reports - FSx for Lustre

Working with task completion reports

A task completion report provides details about the results of an export, import, or release data repository task. The report includes results for the files processed by the task that match the scope of the report. You can specify whether to generate a report for a task by using the Enabled parameter.

Amazon FSx delivers the report to the file system's linked data repository in Amazon S3, using the path that you specify when you enable the report for a task. The report's file name is report.csv for import tasks and failures.csv for export or release tasks.

The report format is a comma-separated value (CSV) file that has three fields: FilePath, FileStatus, and ErrorCode.

Reports are encoded using RFC-4180-format encoding as follows:

  • Paths starting with any of the following characters are contained in single quotation marks: @ + - =

  • Strings that contain at least one of the following characters are contained in double quotation marks: " ,

  • All double quotation marks are escaped with an additional double quotation mark.

Following are a few examples of the report encoding:

  • @filename.txt becomes """@filename.txt"""

  • +filename.txt becomes """+filename.txt"""

  • file,name.txt becomes "file,name.txt"

  • file"name.txt becomes "file""name.txt"

For more information about RFC-4180 encoding, see RFC-4180 - Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files on the IETF website.

The following is an example of the information provided in a task completion report that includes only failed files.

myRestrictedFile,failed,S3AccessDenied dir1/myLargeFile,failed,FileSizeTooLarge dir2/anotherLargeFile,failed,FileSizeTooLarge

For more information about task failures and how to resolve them, see Troubleshooting data repository task failures.