Monitoring FSx for ONTAP - FSx for ONTAP

Monitoring FSx for ONTAP

You can use the following automated monitoring tools to watch Amazon FSx and report when something is wrong:

  • Monitoring using Harvest and Grafana – You can monitor your Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP file system by using Harvest and Grafana. NetApp Harvest monitors ONTAP datacenters by collecting performance, capacity, and hardware metrics from FSx for ONTAP file systems. Grafana provides a dashboard where the collected Harvest metrics can be displayed.

  • AWS CloudTrail log monitoring – Share log files between accounts, monitor CloudTrail log files in real time by sending them to CloudWatch Logs, write log processing applications in Java, and validate that your log files have not changed after delivery by CloudTrail. For more information, see Working with CloudTrail Log Files in the AWS CloudTrail User Guide.