Step 3: Clean up resources - FSx for OpenZFS

Step 3: Clean up resources

After you have finished this exercise, you should follow these steps to clean up your resources and protect your AWS account.

To clean up resources

  1. On the Amazon EC2 console, terminate your instance. For more information, see Terminate Your Instance in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux Instances.

  2. Open the Amazon FSx console at

  3. On the Amazon FSx console, delete your file system. When you delete a file system, all volumes and automatic backups are deleted automatically. However, you still must delete any manually created backups. The following steps outline this process.

    1. From the console dashboard, choose the name of the file system that you created for this exercise.

    2. For Actions, choose Delete file system.

    3. In the Delete file system dialog box that opens, decide whether you want to create a final backup. If you do, provide a name for the final backup. Any automatically created backups are also deleted.


      New file systems can be created from backups. We recommend that you create a final backup as a best practice. If you find you don't need it after a certain period of time, you can delete this and other manually created backups.

    4. Enter the ID of the file system that you want to delete in the File system ID box.

    5. Choose Delete file system.

    6. The file system is now being deleted, and its status in the dashboard changes to DELETING. When the file system has been deleted, it no longer appears in the dashboard. Any automatic backups are deleted along with the file system.

    7. Now you can delete any manually created backups for your file system. From the left-side navigation, choose Backups.

    8. From the dashboard, choose any backups that have the same File system ID as the file system that you deleted, and choose Delete backup. Be sure to retain the final backup, if you created one.

    9. The Delete backups dialog box opens. Keep the check box selected for the IDs of the backups that you want to delete, and then choose Delete backups.

    Your Amazon FSx file system and any related automatic backups are now deleted, along with any manual backups that you chose to delete as well.