Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch - FSx for OpenZFS

Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

You can monitor file systems using Amazon CloudWatch, which collects and processes raw data from FSx for OpenZFS into readable, near real-time metrics. These statistics are retained for a period of 15 months, so that you can access historical information and gain a better perspective on how your web application or service is performing. By default, FSx for OpenZFS metric data is automatically sent to CloudWatch at 1-minute periods. For more information about CloudWatch, see What Is Amazon CloudWatch? in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

Amazon FSx CloudWatch metrics are reported as raw Bytes. Bytes are not rounded to either a decimal or binary multiple of the unit.

FSx for OpenZFS publishes the following metrics into the AWS/FSx namespace in CloudWatch. For each metric, FSx for OpenZFS emits a data point per resource (that is, file system or volume) per minute.

Metric Description

Number of bytes for read operations


Number of bytes for write operations


Number of data read operations


Number of data write operations


Amount of storage used


Total storage capacity, equal to the sum of used and available storage capacity


Ratio of compressed storage usage to uncompressed storage usage


Number of calls rejected by NFS server Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism

FSx for OpenZFS dimensions

FSx for OpenZFS metrics can be represented at both the file system or volume granularity by using the FileSystemId or VolumeId. FSx for OpenZFS provides additional dimensions to further refine metrics listed in the previous table.

Metric Description


This dimension filters the metrics you request to an individual file system.


This dimension filters the metrics you request to an individual volume within a file system. This dimension must be used in combination with FileSystemId.


The storage tier being reported. Currently, the only valid value for FSx for OpenZFS metrics is All.


The type of data being reported. For example, providing a value of Snapshot will report snapshot-specific metrics for a file system or volume.

FSx for OpenZFS metrics use the FSx namespace and provide metrics for the dimensions listed in the table above.