Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
Windows User Guide

Walkthrough 2: Create a File System from a Backup

With Amazon FSx, you can create a file system from a backup. When you do so, you can change any of the following elements to better suit the use case you have for your newly created file system:

  • Throughput capacity

  • VPC

  • Availability Zone

  • Subnet

  • VPC security groups

  • Active Directory Configuration

  • AWS KMS encryption key

  • Daily automatic backup start time

  • Weekly maintenance window

The following procedure guides you through the process of creating a new file system from a backup. Before you can create this file system, you must have an existing backup. For more information, see Working with Backups

To create a file system from an existing backup

  1. Open the Amazon FSx console at

  2. From the navigation list at right, choose Backups.

  3. From the table on the dashboard, choose the backup that you want to use for creating a new file system.

  4. Choose Restore backup. This will begin the create file system wizard.

  5. Choose the settings that you'd like to change for this new file system.

  6. Choose Review summary to review your settings before creating the file system.

  7. Choose Create file system.

You've now successfully created your new file system from an existing backup.