Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Install the AWS CLI

You can use the AWS command line interface (AWS CLI) tool to make calls to any action in the AWS SDK, including the Amazon GameLift API. At a minimum, you'll need to use this tool to upload your game builds to the Amazon GameLift service.

To install the AWS CLI for Amazon GameLift

  1. Get the tool. Download the latest version of the AWS CLI tool and follow the instructions to install it. This tool runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, and Unix.

  2. Verify installation. Open a command line window or terminal and type aws gamelift help. If the CLI is correctly installed, you will see a "Welcome to the Amazon GameLift API Reference" message, followed by a list of Amazon GameLift commands.

  3. Configure the tool. Type aws configure and follow the prompts. For more detailed instructions, see Configuring the AWS CLI.

    When configuring a default region, choose the region you're likely to use most often. All AWS CLI commands will use the default region unless you specify a different region using the command line option --region. See a list of available regions for Amazon GameLift at AWS Regions and Endpoints.