Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

View Data on Game and Player Sessions

You can view information about the games running on a fleet and as well as individual players. For more information about game sessions and player sessions, see How Players Connect to Games.

To view game session data

  1. In the Amazon GameLift console, open the detail page for the fleet you want to study. (Choose Fleets in the menu bar and click on a fleet name.)

  2. Open the Game sessions tab. This tab lists all game sessions hosted on the fleet along with summary information.

  3. Click a game session to view additional information about the game session as well as a list of players that were connected to the game.

Game sessions

A summary of your game session information is displayed at the top of the page and includes:

  • Status – The status of the game session. Valid statuses include:

    • Activating – Amazon GameLift has created a game session and passed your game properties to the game server process. The game server interprets the game properties and calls back to Amazon GameLift when it is ready for potential player sessions to connect.

    • Active – The game session can support game play with zero or more player sessions connected to it.

    • Terminated – The game session has ended, and player sessions are no longer permitted to connect to the terminated game session.

  • Name – The name automatically generated for the game session.

  • IP address – For game sessions with a status of Activating or Active, the IP address used to connect to the game.

  • Port – The port number used to connect to the game session.

  • Player sessions – The number of players currently connected to the game session along with the total number of player slots in the game session. For example, the value 10 of 15 indicates that of the 15 available slots in the game, 10 are filled and 5 are open.

  • Player session creation policy – The policy that determines whether new players can connect to the game. Values are Accept all or Deny all. For more information, see the GameSession object.

  • Uptime – The total length of time the game session has been running.

  • Date created – The date and time the game session was created.

Player sessions

The following player session data is collected for each game session:

  • Status – The status of the player session. Options include:

    • Reserved – Player session has been reserved, but the player has not yet connected.

    • Active – Player session is currently connected to the game server.

    • Completed – Player session has ended; player is no longer connected.

    • Timed Out – Player session was reserved, but the player failed to connect.

  • ID – The identifier assigned to the player session.

  • Player ID – A unique identifier for the player. Click this ID to get additional player information.

  • Start time – The time the player connected to the game session.

  • End time – The time the player disconnected from the game session.

  • Total time – The total length of time the player has been active in the player session.

Player information

View additional information for a selected player, including a list of all games the player connected to across all fleets in the current region. This information includes the status, start and end times, and total connected time for each player session. You can click to view data for the relevant game sessions and fleets.