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Amazon GameLift FlexMatch

Amazon GameLift FlexMatch is a customizable matchmaking service. It offers flexible tools that let you manage the full matchmaking experience in a way that best fits your game. You can use FlexMatch to build game matches, select compatible players for each match, and find the best available hosting resources for an optimum player experience. You can also use FlexMatch backfill to select compatible new players for existing games, ensuring that your games stay full and deliver the best possible player experience.

With FlexMatch you can create and run multiple matchmakers to fit your game modes and your players. For example, you would likely use a different matchmaker for each game mode, such as team battle, free-for-all, or cage match.

Key FlexMatch Features

  • Customize player matching. Design and build the types of multiplayer experiences that your players will find most compelling. For each game mode, define the team structure and set other game attributes. Build a set of custom rules to evaluate player attributes (such as skill level or role) and form the best possible player matches for a game. Use these rules to group players for new matches or find players to fill open slots in existing matches ("match backfill").

  • Get player acceptance. Require all players to accept a proposed match before starting. If this feature is enabled, FlexMatch waits for all players assigned to a match to accept it before the match begins.

    Support player parties.Generate matches for a group of players who want to play together on the same team. Find additional players to fill out the match as needed.

  • Match players based on latency.Use player latency information to ensure that matched players have similar response times. This feature avoids disparities in gameplay that might give some players undue advantage. It is particularly valuable when creating matches that span multiple geographic areas.

  • Relax player matching rules over time. Strike the right balance between creating the best possible player matches and getting players into good matches fast. You decide where and when to relax strict matching rules into order to get players into games with minimal wait time.

  • Find the best hosting resources. Use game and player information to select the best available resources to host the match for optimal gameplay experience.

  • Keep games filled with matched players. Use FlexMatch backfill to fill empty player slots with well-matched new players throughout the life span of the game session.