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Amazon GameLift FlexMatch

FlexMatch is Amazon GameLift's new customizable matchmaking service. Together with GameLift Queues, FlexMatch lets you manage the full matchmaking experience in a way that best fits your game. FlexMatch manages the process from building matches and selecting players to placing matches with the best available hosting resources for an optimum player experience.

With FlexMatch you can create and run multiple matchmakers. Each matchmaker is configured with a set of rules, a game session queue, and other options features enabled. Matchmaking requests can be sent to any matchmaker for processing. Set up multiple matchmakers to build the type of matches that best suit your game and your players.

For more information on adding FlexMatch to your game, see Matchmaking with FlexMatch.

  • Customizable player matching. Design and build the types of game experiences that your players will find most compelling. Specify game attributes, including number and size of teams. Build a set of meaningful rules for evaluating player attributes (such as skill level or role) and use them to form the best possible player matches for a game session.

  • Support for player parties.Generate matches for a group of players who want to play together on the same team. Find players to fill out team and/or build opposing teams as needed.

  • Latency-based matching.Use player latency information to ensure that matched players have similar latencies. This feature is valuable in games where disparities in lag time may give players undue advantage.

  • Relax player matching rules over time. Strike the right balance for your game between getting players into great matches for the best possible gaming experience and getting players into good enough matches with minimal waiting. This feature lets you decide where and when to relax strict matching rules into order to get players into games in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Enable player acceptance. Allow all players to accept a proposed match before starting. If this feature is enabled, FlexMatch waits for all players assigned to a match to accept it before the match begins.

  • Best possible game session placement. When you provide player latency information, FlexMatch places games in the best available AWS region to ensure players get maximum responsiveness when playing.