Integrating your Game Client for Amazon GameLift - Amazon GameLift

Integrating your Game Client for Amazon GameLift

The topics in this section describe the managed GameLift functionality that you can add to a game client or game service. A game client or service may need to handle the following tasks:

  • Request information about active game sessions from the GameLift service.

  • Join a player to an existing game session.

  • Create a new game session and join players to it.

  • Change metadata about an existing game session.

Adding GameLift to your multiplayer game client is Step 5 in the Get Started with Custom Servers. The following instructions assume that you've created an AWS account, generated a GameLift-enabled game server and uploaded it to GameLift, and used GameLift tools (such as the GameLift console) to create and configure a virtual fleet to host your game sessions. When adding GameLift to your game client, you must be able to provide AWS account credentials and specify a fleet to be used with the client.

For more information on how game clients interact with the GameLift service and game servers running on GameLift, see GameLift and game client/server interactions.