Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

FlexMatch Integration Plan

To add FlexMatch matchmaking to your game, you need to complete the following tasks.

  • Set up a matchmaker. A matchmaker receives matchmaking requests from players and processes them. It groups players based on a set of defined rules and, for each successful match, creates a new game sessions and player sessions. Follow these steps to set up a matchmaker:

    • Create a rule set. A rule set tells the matchmaker how to construct a valid match. It specifies team structure and specifies how to evaluate players for inclusion in a match. See these topics:

    • Create a game session queue. A queue locates the best region for each match and creates a new game session in that region. You can use an existing queue or create a new one for matchmaking. See these topics:

    • Set up notifications (optional). Since matchmaking requests are asynchronous, you need a way to track the status of requests. Notifications is the preferred option. See these topics:

    • Configure a matchmaker. Once you have a rule set, queue, and notifications target, create the configuration for your matchmaker. See these topics:

  • Integrate FlexMatch into your game server. To create a new game session for a match, Amazon GameLift sends a start request to your game server with a set of information about the game and match. Your game server must be able to activate a new game session for the match based on this information. See these topics:

  • Integrate FlexMatch into your game client or service. Matchmaking requests are initiated by a player through a game client service. You need to add functionality to make matchmaking requests and provide the necessary player attributes for the match. Each matchmaking request specifies which matchmaker to submit the request to, which determines what rule set and queue are used to fulfill the requests. See these topics: