Generate player IDs - Amazon GameLift

Generate player IDs

The managed GameLift service uses a player session to represent a player connected to a game session. A player session must be created each time a player connects to a game session. When a player leaves a game, the player session ends and is not reused.

GameLift provides a file called Lobby.cpp in the Amazon Lumberyard sample project MultiplayerSample that demonstrates how to generate a new, random ID number for every player in every new game session. You are not required to use the sample code; we provide it as an example. You can also rewrite the code to persist your own unique, non-personally identifiable player IDs.

The following sample code in Lobby.cpp randomly generates unique player IDs:

bool includeBrackets = false; bool includeDashes = true; string playerId = AZ::Uuid::CreateRandom().ToString<string>(includeBrackets, includeDashes);

You can view player sessions by Player ID in the AWS Management Console for GameLift. For more information on player sessions, see View data on game and player sessions.