Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Set Up Your Amazon Lumberyard Game Project

Get your project ready for Amazon GameLift with the following steps. If you have installed Lumberyard, you may have already completed some of these tasks.

  • Install Visual Studio 2013 runtime. Run the installer from the \3rdParty\Redistributables\Visual Studio 2013 directory or download and run the installer directly from Microsoft.

  • Run Setup Assistant to validate that you have installed the appropriate third-party software and SDKs, including the Amazon GameLift client. LumberyardLauncherBatch.exe is provided in \dev\Bin64.

  • Configure your Lumberyard game project to ensure it compiles properly. Follow these guidelines:

    • The server and client executables must link aws-cpp-sdk-core and aws-cpp-sdk-gamelift.

    • The server executable must be built on a platform supported by Amazon GameLift. See Amazon GameLift SDKs for a list of allowed platforms.

    • Your project must set the AWS_CUSTOM_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT pre-processor flag to 0 or 1, depending on your use of a custom memory manager.