Setting up Amazon GameSparks - Amazon GameSparks

Amazon GameSparks is currently in preview. Changes might be made to this service and to this documentation. We don’t recommend using this service for production workloads.

Setting up Amazon GameSparks

Complete the tasks in this section to get set up to use Amazon GameSparks.

Sign up for AWS

When you sign up for Amazon Web Services, your AWS account is automatically signed up for all services in AWS, including Amazon GameSparks. You are charged only for the services that you use.

If you have an AWS account already, skip to the next task. If you don’t have an AWS account, use the following procedure to create one.

To create an AWS account

  1. Open Sign up for AWS,

  2. Follow the online instructions.

    Part of the sign-up procedure involves receiving a phone call and entering a verification code on the phone keypad.

Open the GameSparks console

Open the GameSparks console to create a game and get started developing your game backend:

Create IAM users and user groups

As a best practice, do not use the AWS account root user for any task where it’s not required. Instead, create a new IAM user for each person that requires administrator access. Then make those users administrators by placing the users into an "Administrators" user group to which you attach the AdministratorAccess managed policy. We also recommend that you create an IAM user with the appropriate permissions for each person that requires access to Amazon GameSparks.

For more information about creating IAM users, see the following topics:

For information about using policies that restrict user permissions to specific AWS resources for Amazon GameSparks, see Identity-based policy examples for GameSparks.

Install the GameSparks client SDK

Installing the GameSparks SDK package in Unity provides ready-to-use authentication, connection, and communication with the GameSparks backend.

To set up the client SDK

  1. Make sure you have installed Unity 2020.3.

  2. Download the GameSparks SDK tarball package.

  3. Start Unity Hub and do one of the following:

    1. Open your own 3D project that is built with Unity 2020.3.

    2. Create a new 3D project that is built with Unity 2020.3.

  4. In the Unity editor window, from the Window menu, choose Package Manager.

  5. In Package Manager, add the GameSparks package from the tarball you downloaded.

                  Choose plus button and then choose browse to tarball