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Using Markdown in AWS

The AWS Management Console supports the use of Markdown, a markup language, in certain fields. This topic explains the types of Markdown formatting supported in the console.

Paragraphs, Line Spacing, and Horizontal Lines

Paragraphs are separated by a blank line. To insert a line break, use   followed by a blank line. Repeat this pair of lines to insert multiple blank lines in a row, as in the following example which inserts two blank lines:


To create a horizontal line, type three hyphens in a row: ---

To create a text block with monospace type, first type a line that has only three of these characters: ```. Then type the text, then another line that has only ```

``` This appears in a text box with a background shading. The text is in monospace. ```


Headings are designated by the number sign (#). A single number sign and a space indicate a top-level heading, two number signs create a second-level heading, and three number signs create a third-level heading, as in the following examples.

# Top-level heading
## Second-level heading
### Third-level heading

Text Formatting

To format text as italic, surround it with a single underscore or asterisk on each side.

*This text appears in italics.*

To format text as bold, surround it with double underscores or double asterisks on each side.

**This text appears in bold.**

To format text as strikethrough, surround it with two tildes on each side.

~~This text appears in strikethrough.~~

To add a clickable web link that appears as text, enter the link_text surrounded by square brackets, followed by the full URL in parentheses.

Choose [link_text](


To format lines as part of a bulleted list, type them on separate lines with a single asterisk and then a space, at the beginning of the line:

Here is a bulleted list: * Ant * Bug * Caterpillar

To format lines as part of a numbered list, type them on separate lines with a number, period, and space at the beginning of the line:

Here is a numbered list: 1. Do the first step 2. Do the next step 3. Do the final step

Tables and Buttons (CloudWatch Dashboards)

CloudWatch dashboards text widgets support Markdown tables and buttons.

To create a table, separate columns using vertical bars (|) and rows using new lines. To make the first row a header row, add at least three hyphens for each column, and separate the columns using vertical bars. The following is example Markdown text for a table.

Table | Header ----|----- Amazon Web Services | AWS 1 | 2

The example Markdown text above creates the following table.

Table Header

Amazon Web Services




In a CloudWatch dashboard text widget, you can also format a web link to appear as a button by using [button:Button text].

[button:Go to AWS]( [button:primary:This button stands out even more](