Getting Started with AWS
Deploying a Web Application

Step 1: Create a DynamoDB Table

Our signup app uses a DynamoDB table to store the contact information that users submit.

To create a DynamoDB table

  1. Open the DynamoDB console at

  2. In the menu bar, ensure that the region is set to US West (Oregon).

  3. Choose Create table.

  4. For Table name, type gsg-signup-table.

  5. For the Primary key, type email. Choose Create.

Add the table name and region to the configuration file for the app as follows:

To update the application configuration

  1. In the eb-node-express-signup-master folder that you extracted from the sample archive, open the app_config.json file.

  2. Change the value for STARTUP_SIGNUP_TABLE to gsg-signup-table:

    "STARTUP_SIGNUP_TABLE": "gsg-signup-table",
  3. Change the value of AWS_REGION to us-west-2 for US West (Oregon) Region:

    "AWS_REGION": "us-west-2",
  4. Save your edits to the file. You can leave the file open, because we'll make one more change to it in the next step.