Creating a standard accelerator - AWS Global Accelerator

Creating a standard accelerator

This section explains how to create a standard accelerator on the console. To work with Global Accelerator programmatically, see the AWS Global Accelerator API Reference.

To create a standard accelerator

  1. Open the Global Accelerator console at

  2. Choose Create accelerator.

  3. Provide a name for your accelerator.

  4. For Accelerator type, select Standard.

  5. For IP address type, select IPv4 or DUAL-STACK.

  6. Optionally, if you brought your own IP address ranges to AWS (BYOIP), you can specify a static IP address for your accelerator, one from each address pool. Make this choice for each of the two static IP addresses for your accelerator.

    • For each static IP address, choose the IP address pool to use.


      You must choose a different IP address pool for each static IP address. This restriction is because Global Accelerator assigns each address range to a different network zone, for high availability.

    • If you chose your own IP address pool, also choose a specific IP address from the pool. If you choose the default Amazon IP address pool, Global Accelerator assigns a specific IP address to your accelerator.

  7. Optionally, add one or more tags to help you identify your accelerator resources.

  8. Choose Next to add listeners, endpoint groups, and endpoints.