Working with cross-account attachments and resources in AWS Global Accelerator - AWS Global Accelerator

Working with cross-account attachments and resources in AWS Global Accelerator

By using cross-account support, you can use AWS Global Accelerator as a fixed entry point to your application that accesses resources in multiple accounts, or choose IP addresses for your accelerator from shared CIDR blocks. Using cross-account permissions for allowing access to resources in different accounts is an AWS best practice. With cross-account support for bring your own IP (BYOIP) address CIDR blocks, you can use the same address pool for accelerators in different accounts in your organization. You can also organize AWS resources under one account that controls internet access to your applications, which can simplify monitoring and security, as well as provide visibility to inbound connections.

Cross-account support in Global Accelerator enables you to do the following:

  • Add endpoints, such as Network Load Balancers, from other accounts to an accelerator.

  • Choose a BYOIP address pool for IP addresses, and then select IP addresses from the pool for accelerators in different accounts. By sharing a BYOIP address pool, you can use more addresses from the same CIDR block, reducing the number of CIDR blocks that you require.

With cross-account support in Global Accelerator, resource owners control whether their resources are shared with accelerators owned by other accounts. To enable resource sharing for your resources, you—as a resource owner—create a Global Accelerator cross-account attachment to authorize resources in your account to be added to an accelerator by another account.

You create the cross-account attachment in Global Accelerator. The attachment lists the resources that you want to share, and the principals—other accounts or specific accelerator ARNs— that are authorized to use the resources. Resources can be AWS resources, like Network Load Balancers, that you add as endpoints to accelerator endpoint groups, or resources can be IP address ranges that you've brought to Global Accelerator with the bring your own IP address (BYOIP) process.


Before you can add a BYOIP IP address range to a cross-account attachment to share with principals, you must complete the process to provision and advertise the address range. For more information, see Bring your own IP addresses (BYOIP) in AWS Global Accelerator.

After you, as a resource owner, create an attachment, principals listed in the attachment can work with resources that are listed in the attachment. That is, they can add as endpoints AWS resources that are listed, or select as a static IP address a BYOIP address from CIDR prefixes that are listed. When a principal wants to add a cross-account resource for an accelerator, they must specify the cross-account attachment that authorizes them as a principal with permission to use the resource.

You can work with cross-account attachments and resources in the Global Accelerator console, or by using Global Accelerator API operations with the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or an AWS SDK. For example, as a principal, you can use the UpdateEndpoints operation to add a cross-account resource as an endpoint for an accelerator. When you use the API operation, you specify the cross-account attachment ARN and the endpoint ID. For more information, see the AWS Global Accelerator API Reference Guide.