Getting started with AWS Global Accelerator - AWS Global Accelerator

Getting started with AWS Global Accelerator

To help you get started with AWS Global Accelerator, this chapter provides tutorials for setting up a standard accelerator and a custom routing accelerator.

To learn more about the two types of accelerators you can create in Global Accelerator, see Work with standard accelerators in AWS Global Accelerator and Work with custom routing accelerators in AWS Global Accelerator.

The tutorials provide steps that primarily use AWS Management Console. (When you set up a custom routing accelerator, you must use the API for certain configuration steps.) You can also use Global Accelerator API operations with the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or AWS SDKs to create and customize your accelerators. For a list of API operations, see Common actions that you can use with AWS Global Accelerator. For detailed information about working with AWS Global Accelerator API operations, see the AWS Global Accelerator API Reference.


To explore how you can use Global Accelerator to improve performance and availability for web applications, check out the following self-paced workshop: AWS Global Accelerator Workshop.

Global Accelerator is a global service that supports endpoints in multiple AWS Regions, which are listed in the AWS Region Table.