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Tagging in AWS Global Accelerator

Tags are words or phrases (metadata) that you use to identify and organize your AWS resources. You can add multiple tags to each resource, and each tag includes a key and a value that you define. For example, the key might be environment and the value might be production. You can search and filter your resources based on the tags you add. In AWS Global Accelerator, you can tag accelerators.

The following are two examples of how it can be useful to work with tags in Global Accelerator:

  • Use tags to track billing information in different categories. To do this, apply tags to accelerators or other AWS resources (such as Network Load Balancers, Application Load Balancers, or Amazon EC2 instances) and activate the tags. Then AWS generates a cost allocation report as a comma-separated value (CSV file) with your usage and costs aggregated by your active tags. You can apply tags that represent business categories (such as cost centers, application names, or owners) to organize your costs across multiple services. For more information, see Using Cost Allocation Tags in the AWS Billing User Guide.

  • Use tags to enforce tag-based permissions for accelerators. To do this, create IAM policies that specify tags and tag values to allow or disallow actions. For more information, see ABAC with Global Accelerator.

For usage conventions and links to other resources about tagging, see Tagging AWS resources in the AWS General Reference. For tips on using tags, see Tagging Best Practices: AWS Resource Tagging Strategy in the AWS Whitepapers blog.

For the maximum number of tags that you can add to a resource in Global Accelerator, see Quotas for AWS Global Accelerator.

You can add and update tags by using the AWS console, AWS CLI, or Global Accelerator API. This chapter includes steps for working with tagging in the console. For more information about working with tags by using the AWS CLI and the Global Accelerator API, including CLI examples, see the following operations in the AWS Global Accelerator API Reference:

Tagging support in Global Accelerator

AWS Global Accelerator supports tagging for accelerators and cross-account attachments.

Global Accelerator supports the tag-based access control feature of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). For more information, see ABAC with Global Accelerator.

Adding, editing, and deleting tags in Global Accelerator

The following procedure explains how to add, edit, and delete tags for accelerators in the Global Accelerator console.


You can add or remove tags using the console, the AWS CLI, or Global Accelerator API operations. For more information, including CLI examples, see TagResource in the AWS Global Accelerator API Reference.

To add tags, edit, or delete tags in Global Accelerator
  1. Open the Global Accelerator console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/globalaccelerator/home.

  2. Choose the accelerator that you want to add or update tags for.

  3. In the Tags section, you can do the following:

    Add a tag

    Choose Add tag, then enter a key and, optionally, a value for the tag.

    Edit a tag

    Update the text for a key, value, or both. You can also clear the value for a tag, but the key is required.

    Delete a tag

    Choose Remove on the right side of the value field.

  4. Choose Save changes.