Authoring jobs in AWS Glue - AWS Glue

Authoring jobs in AWS Glue

An AWS Glue job encapsulates a script that connects to your source data, processes it, and then writes it out to your data target. Typically, a job runs extract, transform, and load (ETL) scripts. Jobs can run scripts designed for Apache Spark and Ray runtime environments. Jobs can also run general-purpose Python scripts (Python shell jobs.) AWS Glue triggers can start jobs based on a schedule or event, or on demand. You can monitor job runs to understand runtime metrics such as completion status, duration, and start time.

You can use scripts that AWS Glue generates or you can provide your own. With a source schema and target location or schema, the AWS Glue Studio code generator can automatically create an Apache Spark API (PySpark) script. You can use this script as a starting point and edit it to meet your goals.

AWS Glue can write output files in several data formats. Each job type may support different output formats. For some data formats, common compression formats can be written.