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Relationalize Class

Flattens nested schema in a DynamicFrame and pivots out array columns from the flattened frame.


__call__(frame, staging_path=None, name='roottable', options=None, transformation_ctx = "", info = "", stageThreshold = 0, totalThreshold = 0)

Relationalizes a DynamicFrame and produces a list of frames that are generated by unnesting nested columns and pivoting array columns. The pivoted array column can be joined to the root table using the joinkey generated in the unnest phase.

  • frame – The DynamicFrame to relationalize (required).

  • staging_path – The path at which to store partitions of pivoted tables in CSV format (optional). Pivoted tables are read back from this path.

  • name – The name of the root table (optional).

  • options – A dictionary of optional parameters.

  • transformation_ctx – A unique string that is used to identify state information (optional).

  • info – A string associated with errors in the transformation (optional).

  • stageThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur in the transformation before it errors out (optional; the default is zero).

  • totalThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur overall before processing errors out (optional; the default is zero).

Return a DynamicFrameCollection containing the DynamicFrames produced by from the relationalize operation.

apply(cls, *args, **kwargs)

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