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SelectFields class

The SelectFields class creates a new DynamicFrame from an existing DynamicFrame, and keeps only the fields that you specify. SelectFields provides similar functionality to a SQL SELECT statement.


We recommend that you use the DynamicFrame.select_fields() method to select fields from a DynamicFrame. To view a code example, see Example: Use select_fields to create a new DynamicFrame with chosen fields.


__call__(frame, paths, transformation_ctx = "", info = "", stageThreshold = 0, totalThreshold = 0)

Gets fields (nodes) in a DynamicFrame.

  • frame – The DynamicFrame to select fields in (required).

  • paths – A list of full paths to the fields to select (required).

  • transformation_ctx – A unique string that is used to identify state information (optional).

  • info – A string that is associated with errors in the transformation (optional).

  • stageThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur in the transformation before it errors out (optional). The default is zero.

  • totalThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur overall before processing errors out (optional). The default is zero.

Returns a new DynamicFrame that contains only the specified fields.

apply(cls, *args, **kwargs)

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