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Unbox class

Unboxes (reformats) a string field in a DynamicFrame.


We recommend that you use the DynamicFrame.unbox() method to unbox a field in a DynamicFrame. To view a code example, see Example: Use unbox to unbox a string field into a struct.


__call__(frame, path, format, transformation_ctx = "", info="", stageThreshold=0, totalThreshold=0, **options)

Unboxes a string field in a DynamicFrame.

  • frame – The DynamicFrame in which to unbox a field. (required).

  • path – The full path to the StringNode to unbox (required).

  • format – A format specification (optional). This is used for an Amazon S3 or AWS Glue connection that supports multiple formats. For the formats that are supported, see Data format options for inputs and outputs in AWS Glue for Spark.

  • transformation_ctx – A unique string that is used to identify state information (optional).

  • info – A string associated with errors in the transformation (optional).

  • stageThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur in the transformation before it errors out (optional). The default is zero.

  • totalThreshold – The maximum number of errors that can occur overall before processing errors out (optional). The default is zero.

  • separator – A separator token (optional).

  • escaper – An escape token (optional).

  • skipFirstTrue if the first line of data should be skipped, or False if it should not be skipped (optional).

  • withSchema – A string that contains a schema for the data to be unboxed (optional). This should always be created using StructType.json.

  • withHeaderTrue if the data being unpacked includes a header, or False if not (optional).

apply(cls, *args, **kwargs)

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