Join Class - AWS Glue

Join Class

Performs an equality join on two DynamicFrames.


__call__(frame1, frame2, keys1, keys2, transformation_ctx = "")

Performs an equality join on two DynamicFrames.

  • frame1 – The first DynamicFrame to join (required).

  • frame2 – The second DynamicFrame to join (required).

  • keys1 – The keys to join on for the first frame (required).

  • keys2 – The keys to join on for the second frame (required).

  • transformation_ctx – A unique string that is used to identify state information (optional).

Returns a new DynamicFrame obtained by joining the two DynamicFrames.

apply(cls, *args, **kwargs)

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Example for Join

The Join function manages duplicate columns. Each dataset has a column named zip. AWS Glue adds a period (.) to one of the duplicate column names to avoid errors.

dyf_join = Join.apply(dyf_json, dyf_selectFields, 'zip', 'zip') dyf_join.toDF().show() +--------------------+-----+-----+ | customers| .zip| zip| +--------------------+-----+-----+ |[[108 Park Street...|75091|75091| |[[66 P Street, NY...|75023|75023| |[[708 Fed Ln, CA,...|90093|90093| +--------------------+-----+-----+