AWS Glue
Developer Guide

Working with Triggers on the AWS Glue Console

A trigger controls when an ETL job runs in AWS Glue. To view your existing triggers, sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Glue console at Then choose the Triggers tab.

The Triggers list displays properties for each trigger:

Trigger name

The unique name you gave the trigger when you created it.


Tag your trigger with a Tag key and optional Tag value. Once created, tag keys are read-only. Use tags on some resources to help you organize and identify them. For more information, see AWS Tags in AWS Glue.

Trigger type

Indicates whether the trigger is time-based (Schedule), event-based (Job events), or started by you (On-demand).

Trigger status

Indicates whether the trigger is Enabled or ACTIVATED and ready to invoke associated jobs when it fires. The trigger can also be Disabled or DEACTIVATED and paused so that it doesn't determine whether a job is invoked. A CREATED trigger exists, but does not factor into whether a job runs.

Trigger parameters

For Schedule triggers, this includes the details about the frequency and time to fire the trigger. For Job events triggers, it includes the list of jobs to watch that, depending on their run state, might fire the trigger. See the details of the trigger for the watch list of jobs with events.

Jobs to trigger

Lists the jobs associated with the trigger that are invoked when this trigger fires.

Adding and Editing Triggers

To edit, delete, or start a trigger, select the check box next to the trigger in the list, and then choose Action. Here you can also disable a trigger to prevent it from starting any associated jobs, or enable it to start associated jobs when it fires.

Choose a trigger in the list to view details for the trigger. Trigger details include the information you defined when you created the trigger.

To add a new trigger, choose Add trigger, and follow the instructions in the Add trigger wizard.

You provide the following properties:


Give your trigger a unique name.

Trigger type

Specify one of the following:

  • Schedule: The trigger fires at a specific time.

  • Job events: The trigger fires when any or all jobs in the list match the selected job event. For the trigger to fire, the watched job must have been started by a trigger. For any job you choose, you can only watch one job event.

  • On-demand: The trigger fires when it is started from the triggers list page.

For Schedule and Job events trigger types, you can enable them when they are created.

Jobs to trigger

List of jobs that are started by this trigger.

For more information, see Triggering Jobs in AWS Glue.