Blueprint samples - AWS Glue

Blueprint samples

There are a number of sample blueprint projects available on the AWS Glue blueprint Github repository. These samples are for reference only and are not intended for production use.

The titles of the sample projects are:

  • Compaction: this blueprint creates a job that compacts input files into larger chunks based on desired file size.

  • Conversion: this blueprint converts input files in various standard file formats into Apache Parquet format, which is optimized for analytic workloads.

  • Crawling Amazon S3 locations: this blueprint crawls multiple Amazon S3 locations to add metadata tables to the Data Catalog.

  • Custom connection to Data Catalog: this blueprint accesses data stores using AWS Glue custom connectors, reads the records, and populates the table definitions in the AWS Glue Data Catalog based on the record schema.

  • Encoding: this blueprint converts your non-UTF files into UTF encoded files.

  • Partitioning: this blueprint creates a partitioning job that places output files into partitions based on specific partition keys.

  • Importing Amazon S3 data into a DynamoDB table: this blueprint imports data from Amazon S3 into a DynamoDB table.

  • Standard table to governed: this blueprint imports an AWS Glue Data Catalog table into a Lake Formation table.