Using CodeWhisperer with AWS Glue Studio notebooks - AWS Glue

Using CodeWhisperer with AWS Glue Studio notebooks

AWS Glue Studio allows you to interactively author jobs in a notebook interface based on Jupyter Notebooks. Using CodeWhisperer improves the authoring experience within AWS Glue Studio notebooks.

The Amazon CodeWhisperer extension supports writing code by generating code recommendations and suggesting improvements related to code issues.

What is Amazon CodeWhisperer?

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a service powered by machine learning that helps improve developer productivity. CodeWhisperer achieves this by generating code recommendations based on developers’ comments in natural language and their code in the IDE. During preview, Amazon CodeWhisperer is available for the Java, JavaScript, Python, C# and TypeScript programming languages. The service integrates with JupyterLab, Amazon SageMaker Studio, Amazon SageMaker notebook instances, and other integrated development environments (IDEs).

For more information, see the Setting up CodeWhisperer with AWS Glue Studio.