Step 4: Configure an IAM role for your ETL job - AWS Glue

Step 4: Configure an IAM role for your ETL job

When you create the AWS Glue ETL job, you specify an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role for the job to use. The role must grant access to all resources used by the job, including Amazon S3 (for any sources, targets, scripts, driver files, and temporary directories), and also AWS Glue Data Catalog objects.

The assumed IAM role for the AWS Glue ETL job must also have access to the secret that was created in the previous section. By default, the AWS managed role AWSGlueServiceRole does not have access to the secret. To set up access control for your secrets, see Authentication and Access Control for AWS Secrets Manager and Limiting Access to Specific Secrets.

To configure an IAM role for your ETL job
  1. Configure the permissions described in Review IAM permissions needed for ETL jobs.

  2. Configure the additional permissions needed when using connectors with AWS Glue Studio, as described in Permissions required for using connectors.

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