Viewing column statistics task runs - AWS Glue

Viewing column statistics task runs

After you run a column statistics task, you can explore the task run details for a table using AWS Glue console, AWS CLI or using GetColumnStatisticsTaskRuns operation.

To view column statistics task run details
  1. On AWS Glue console, choose Tables under Data Catalog.

  2. Select a table with column statistics.

  3. On the Table details page, choose Column statistics.

  4. Choose View runs.

    You can see information about all runs associated with the specified table.

    The screenshot shows the options available to generate column stats.

In the following example, replace values for DatabaseName and TableName with the actual database and table name.

aws glue get-column-statistics-task-runs --input-cli-json file://input.json { "DatabaseName": "<test-db>", "TableName": "<test-table>" }