Request an MFA token for AWS GovCloud (US) - AWS GovCloud (US)

Request an MFA token for AWS GovCloud (US)

The MFA token devices for AWS GovCloud (US) are supplied by a third party, and Amazon makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, including (i) as to the safety or compliance of the MFA token devices, or (ii) any warranty that the MFA token devices are free of viruses or other harmful components. You expressly agree that your use of the MFA token devices for AWS GovCloud (US) is at your sole risk.

The following high-level procedure describes how to obtain a hardware MFA token device exclusively for use with AWS GovCloud (US) accounts through AWS Management Console.

To obtain an MFA token for AWS GovCloud (US):

  1. Log in to your AWS Management Console in AWS GovCloud (US).

  2. Choose Support (right corner of the AWS Management console) to access the Support Center.

  3. In the AWS Support Center, create a case for AWS Support. To do this, choose Create case and complete the fields as follows:

    • In Create case, select Account and billing support.

    • For Case type, select General Info and Getting Started and set Category as Security & Compliance.

    • Set the Subject line to MFA token request for AWS GovCloud (US).

    • For Description include the following information:

      • Your AWS account number (available in the top left corner of Support Center).

      • The specific request: Requesting a new MFA token for your AWS GovCloud (US) account. Important: Do not share any sensitive information in case correspondences, such as credentials, credit cards, signed URLs, or personally identifiable information.